Developing a Relationship with Your Banker & Intertwined Dimensions that Enable Resilience

When:  Oct 15, 2019 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Portland Chapter

Get ready for our second CPE Dinner of the year! Our October CPE dinner will feature Steve Watts who will educate us on The Importance of Developing a Relationship with Your Banker, and then Sandra Suran who will reveal to us The Intertwined Dimensions that Enable Resilience: Organization Development and Risk Management.


5 PM Dinner

5:45 PM “The Importance of Developing a Relationship with Your Banker" presented by Steve Watts, Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Team Leader at Summit Bank

6:45 PM Networking/Dessert Break

7 PM “The Intertwined Dimensions that Enable Resilience: Organization Development and Risk Management” presented by Sandra Suran, Principal at The Suran Group

8 PM Adjourn

“The Importance of Developing a Relationship with Your Banker" presented by Steve Watts, Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Team Leader at Summit Bank

The Importance of Building a Banking Relationship: When, Why & How?

Why is it wise for a company to establish a relationship with a bank and how does one go about this? What should a business look for in a banker and when in a business’ life cycle is it important to begin this process?

Steve Watts is Summit Bank’s Senior Vice President & Commercial Banking Team Leader overseeing commercial banking activities in the Greater Portland Metro region. He has over 30 years of banking experience and earned his B.S. in Business Administration from Oregon State University and his graduate degree from Pacific Coast Banking School. Steve is an active member and past president of the Rotary Club of Portland and the former chair of its foundation, the Portland Rotary Charitable Trust. He is also a board member of the Meals on Wheels People. Steve is passionate about developing consultative, high-touch relationships with clients and leading a team of highly talented bankers with that same passion.

“The Intertwined Dimensions that Enable Resilience: Organization Development and Risk Management”
presented by Sandra Suran, Principal at The Suran Group

“The key to building organizational resilience in the face of today’s constant risks and challenges is not a complex, sophisticated tool. There is no ‘magic bullet’. The key is to assess, improve, and integrate organization structures, processes, and systems while simultaneously building a more unified team with every change undertaken.” – Sandra Suran, The Suran Group

This presentation explores the DNA of organizations that rise to greatness and then keep thriving — resilient organizations. Whenever these organizations stumble, they pick themselves up and either get back on track or change directions. Their DNA has embedded resilience in their every cell.

The collective heartbeat of the resilient organization allows it to respond quickly and effectively to any threat or opportunity. Too many companies lack that ability; fear dictates their every decision and action. When a threat appears, they hastily slash budgets and lay people off; then, even less able than they were to deal with the threat, they sicken and die. In sharp contrast, the resilient company relies on courage, audacity and firm resolve to conquer the threat and move forward. Its people trust one another. They hold fast to the organization’s vision and goals; they know its systems will support their efforts. They act boldly. They take risks.

Any great leader can successfully pull an individual, a team or an entire organization through a crisis. But doing that time after time takes great effort and frequently pulls limited resources from other important activities. That’s why it makes sense to embed resilience into the organization’s DNA, to construct the framework and sharpen the tools to create a collective heartbeat that enables everyone in the organization to be and produce their best.

The DNA of the Resilient Organization shows how viewing and making changes holistically leads to an environment that efficiently and successfully improves itself and is consistently able to weather storms. With each change that is made, with each problem that is encountered or resolved with this approach, the organization maximizes its ability to improve.

Sandra Suran, CPA, Principal at The Suran Group

Sandra founded The Suran Group in 1990 to help organizations accomplish sustainable changes while building organizational resilience. Projects include organizational assistance with merging operations; assessments and strategies for linking departments and for improved effectiveness; ramping up operations and governance for organizations experiencing rapid growth and major changes; facilitating implementation of program and organizational improvements; strategic and operations planning and implementation; assessment and revision of organization structures for improved effectiveness.

Prior to founding The Suran Group, Sandra was founder and partner in charge of both the Audit and Consulting departments of one of Portland’s largest accounting and consulting firms, Suran & Company, CPAs, which merged with KPMG Peat Marwick. She subsequently became an Audit and Consulting partner with KPMG, serving on the firm’s national Middle Market steering committee. Her respected understanding of business led the State of Oregon to hire Sandra to develop a strategic plan for small business in Oregon and to lead the development and implementation of small business programs for the State as Oregon’s 1st Small Business Advocate.

In her management consulting firm, their unique approach links traditional Risk Management specialties including process improvement, risk assessment, financial/information analysis, with other disciplines including planning, marketing, human resources & systems integration.

Sandra has experience working with a variety of industries including high-technology, health care, government, construction, education, service-centered organizations, not-for-profit, manufacturing and distribution, and financial institutions.

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