#IMAPDX May CPE Dinner - "Age of Transition" & "Economic Update"

When:  May 21, 2019 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Portland Chapter

“Age of Transition: Climate Change, Generations, and How Business Can Navigate a Transforming World” by Dr. Sean Munger, Centric Law

Right now, climate change is driving a global transition from one era of human history to another. All businesses, from the largest corporation to the smallest corner store, will be fundamentally transformed by the changes that are coming. It takes a historian to see the ripples of these changes coming, and to apply lessons from the past in how the business sector can deal with them. In this talk, Dr. Sean Munger will explain why all businesses must engage with climate change, how they can prepare themselves for a profoundly uncertain future, and how cross-generational cooperation—particularly involving the millennial generation—will make the difference in future-proofing businesses and seizing the immense opportunities that are already arising as a result of global warming.

Sean Munger is “the historian who sees the future.” Trained originally as a lawyer (J.D., Tulane Law), with many years of commercial real estate practice, he received a Ph.D. in environmental history in 2017 and is now engaged as a professional speaker and consultant in helping business leaders see and understand the profound societal-level changes, driven principally by climate change, that are beginning to transform our economy and the world. Sean also specializes in providing business leaders with actionable knowledge from the past that’s useful today, for better decision-making, critical thinking and general understanding. He teaches courses and seminars on line and in person, and he has been internationally published on historical and climate change topics.

“The Drivers Behind Portland’s Economic Growth : Will They Last in the Next Decade?” presented by Christian Kaylor, State of Oregon

Christian Kaylor is a Workforce Economist for the Oregon Employment Department, specializing in the Portland area.  He provides data and analysis relating to the Portland economy to local businesses, business associations and government agencies to facilitate intelligent decision making. His monthly newsletter on the Portland economy has over 1,000 subscribers.

Before coming to the Employment Department nineteen years ago, Christian worked in various positions in Oregon politics and policy. A native Oregonian, Christian has a degree in Economics from the University of Oregon.


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